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Must Do’s The Morning Of Your Wedding – The Old Vicarage Official Wedding Blog

We try at the The Old Vicarage to ensure that our brides are completely relaxed from the moment they arrive, however this is THE most important day of their lives and after all of their planning, searching and saving their dreams are going to come to life in a matter of hours… Stressful right? There is so much more to think about than just simply the hair and the makeup (and the bubbly of course)!

The prep for your wedding day begins the day you say ‘Yes’ but as you may of spent months or years prepping for the most important day of your life, you need to consider how to feel completely stress free when the day finally comes around.

Over the years we have collected many tips and tricks to help our brides enjoy every second of their big day and hopefully to help calm brides all over the world.

Here are our top tips for must do’s the morning of your wedding..

The morning of your wedding really starts with the night before

Here at The Old Vicarage we offer all our couples the chance to check in with us the day before their wedding for maximum pamper time, this gives our brides and their closest friends and family the chance to really make the most of our luxury bedrooms, beautiful en-suites and heavenly beds.

Behaving the night before

Watch what you drink- Yes the temptation to begin the celebration early is one that is very hard to resist, arriving to bubbles and getting a taste for more is a dangerous place to be! Alcohol helps us to relax, unwind and enjoy ourselves but ultimately it can make for a restless night and a sore head in the morning! Try mixing your fizz with a little orange juice to remain hydrated and stray away from caffeine before bed where possible!

Watch what you eat- Don’t stray from what you know, we all feel a little dare devil every once in a while, but try not to eat anything that may affect you the following day, avoid high spice and stick to the protein to encourage a rich night’s sleep. Fruits and veg are completely proven to help induce skin with a healthy glow, a thing that any bride strives for! Maybe have some fun with the girls mixing up healthy smoothies of your favourite fruits and slip a little rum into one or two of them… Everyone deserves a daiquiri right?

Beauty Regime

WATER, WATER, WATER!! There can be nothing more devastating that a last minute breakout the morning of your wedding, I mean obviously our hormones aren’t always completely under our control but we should all do the best we can to encourage our faces to slay! Water (with lemon if you can) has for a long time been the number one ingredient of fresh and youthful skin. Don’t overload yourself with unusual and expensive products because more often than not you will end up irritating your pores and encourage that much dreaded breakout!

EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE!! Out with the old and in with the new, try to avoid any drastic beauty regimes within three days of your wedding, exfoliate and moistourise the face and body in the week running up to your big day and then let your skin rest and breath.  The same applies to fake tan, avoid using this within three days of your wedding especially if you’ve opted for a white dress, alternatively have a eight minute holiday to achieve that natural sun kissed glow, although please make yourselves aware of the health hazards of sun-beds! Remember girls… Fake it till we make it! (Sass emoji)

The morning of your wedding

Wakey wakey princess your big day is here! For that easy spring out of bed effect, sleep in a bright and light space. Our bridal suite is the perfect space to wake up on the right side of the bed. Try sleeping with your blinds or curtains open so the natural light awakens you instead of your phone alarm which reminds you of your usual day to day duties. Today is your day! And everything about it should be like something out of a dream, almost as though you never woke up at all.

Begin the day with breakfast-  Yes, you will be so so nervous and probably not in the mood to over indulge in a big greasy fry up but try to eat what you can, nerves use energy and you don’t have any of that to spare today! Your tummy may be doing backflips with nerves or you may feel like you haven’t got time, or both, it is so important that you don’t skip breakfast! Being the most important meal of the day, it is the must do before you say ‘I do’. The last thing that you want to feel lightheaded as you walk down the aisle or your tummy growling whilst you’re saying your vows! If you’re anything like us, we get cranky when we’re hungry and that is the last thing you want whilst your bridal party are perfecting their winged eyeliners etc.

Consider nutritious food that will keep your energy up, something like eggs, nuts, bananas, yogurt, oatmeal or whole grain toast!

We would always recommend our brides to our have The Old Vicarage Muesli and Yoghurt Compote the morning of their wedding, a delicious and heathy start to the day without making them bloat.

Now it’s time to have fun, be girly, dress sassy and feel fabulous! Make a playlist of your favourite songs that reminds you of everything good in your life and enjoy yourself, this will help you to relax and fill the space with positive energy!

Remember to take time to breathe, rushing causes stress, remember that everyone around you is there for you and to help, so don’t be afraid to ask for it!

Dress in something that makes you feel like a movie star whilst you’re getting ready, you want to feel like an 11/10 from the minute you wake up to the second to drift off. Get some bridal robes for you and the girls, this will be a great photo for the album and also potentially your new profile picture?

Hair and Make-up

You have probably envisioned the way you will look as a bride since being a little girl, whether classic, bohemian, understated or the full wham… Pick a style to suit you.

You have dreamed about this day forever, and how did you look in those dreams? I bet always still like you! Remember you are getting married because your partner is in love with you, so however you choose to look make sure you aren’t trying to be someone else, “Be a polished version of you, rather than something completely new”.

Try not to be here there and everywhere on the morning of your wedding, if you have booked a make-up artist and/or hair dresser it is near enough essential that they come to you! You are putting a lot of trust in them to arrive and perform to the standard that you expect, so where possible always have a trial run and don’t be shy to speak up if you don’t like it!


There is no shame in doing the DIY look on your wedding day, a lot of Brides are on a budget that doesn’t allow extravagant spends on cosmetics. The number one rule of DIY? Know your abilities and limitations. No one likes a straying falsie in the corner of their eye or lipstick on their teeth. A top trick for DIY make up is the right lighting and a very honest entourage! No one minds a white lie on a night out when you’re fed up of watching your bestie touch up their face in the toilets but its 100% esstential that your bridemaid’s are brutally honest when it comes to make up mishaps.


Although you may feel as though you have been preparing for months and maybe even years. When the morning of your wedding finally dawns, the day becomes a blur. And if there is anything we are told by most of our brides it is that they wish they could do the day all over again and take in every single last bit of it over and over again.

By now your photographer should be with you, snapping away and capturing all of the most precious moments and emotions surrounding you! We always tell our bride and grooms not to skimp when it comes to photographers, as after everything has finished and the day has gone… The photos are what remains and become a solid reminder of the love felt between you on that day.

Ask your chosen photographer to ensure they capture the highlights when getting ready…

The big reveal of the dress

The giving or receiving of gifts in the morning

The first look from the father of the bride

SHOES! Always shoes!

It’s a good idea to delegate the tidying of the bridal suite to a Brides’maid’ to keep all your photos looking pristine!

Don’t worry about what people are doing

As a daughter, sister, mother or fiancé its natural to have spent your life putting other people before you, trying to take away your family’s burdens by claiming them for yourself.

Today, this rule does not apply! Learn to say no, or to say nothing at all.

If you have kids, let Grandma or someone else be responsible for them for the day. Nappies and wedding dresses are a big no no.

Try not to worry what the Groom is doing, because truthfully he is probably doing nothing! I mean after all the plans are made and the day is in full swing, he doesn’t have much left to do. He will just be downstairs enjoying an ice cold Peroni in our bar whilst welcoming your guests


We have based our timeline for one of our 1.30pm ceremonies, I mean, not everyone gets married at 1.30pm however organisation is key and it’s important to have a rough idea of your plan for your morning schedule!

7.30    Wake-up

8.30    Bath, Pamper and Relax!

9.00    Breakfast

10.00 Hair and make-up

11.00 Photographer arrives!

11.30 Mimosas!

11.45 Presents and more Mimosas!

12.30 Dress on

13.15 Prepare to marry!


Take five minutes, chill, breathe, reminisce on all the special moments which made you fall in love in the first place. Replay your love story in your head then take some times to pen a love letter to your fiancé. In life happiness comes in waves, so use this time to capture all your emotions and let them guide you through the tough times that may well lay ahead. Remember who you are at that very moment always.

From today onwards, you will always have each other. The morning of your wedding is the start of your big day, but your wedding day is the start of the rest of your lives together.