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Wedding Blog

Mr and Mrs Forshaw – The Old Vicarage Official Wedding Blog

Wedding Date – Friday 9th June 2017

We first met James and Faye in July 2016. Their first show round was with our executive head chef, Marcus which is a little embarrassing, but as they were travelling back to Australia that week we couldn’t refuse them a show round. We were completely over the moon that they organised another show round the following day with both of their parents! There are a lot of logistics when marrying in the UK but living abroad, you legally have to give notice 28 days prior to your wedding which meant that on their return to Australia, they had to ensure that they could secure the dates off work as they both work for the police! Thankfully the crucial time which they required off work was confirmed, which meant the soon to be Mr and Mrs Forshaw secured their wedding date at The Old Vicarage on 27th July 2016.

We instantly had such a close connection with both families, we had the pleasure of both parents at the first wedding meeting whilst we used FaceTime to communicate with Faye and James in Australia. We have had plenty of experience in planning weddings from afar such as China, Dubai, America and numerous Australian weddings, with us being their main English contact, it makes our roles as wedding planners that little bit more exciting and much more involved which is always a pleasure. Maybe FaceTime meetings could be a thing of 2018? Haha just kidding, we absolutely love seeing our couples for their wedding meetings!

We had the pleasure of meeting James’ best man in his final wedding FaceTime meeting. We have to give a huge shout out to Jack, the ‘best, best man of 2017’, he was a step ahead of us at points, taking his master of ceremony duty very seriously which made our jobs incredibly easy! We are sure that we saw Jack re-writing his speech over 20 times the morning of the wedding. Over prepared maybe? But seriously, thank you Jack for your help… We believe you have a future career in events!

We always gush over Martin Makowski, along with many other photographers that shoot at The Old Vicarage but he seriously blows us away with every wedding album he sends us. He is a very easy going photographer, but manages to capture every moment… Faye sent us an email saying “We have just had the photos back from Martin, they are amazing. I feel like we have just got married again, and I was a guest at the wedding too. He is great and I can see why the venue recommends him.’

Faye, James and their families used the exclusivity the night prior to the wedding. Faye’s dad had a huge van filled with all of the wedding essentials including some breathtakingly beautiful flowers which Faye’s mum had chosen along with some home grown flowers which would soon be the centre pieces for the dining table. Once we had organised everything for the tables and final changes with guest lists everyone could relax and enjoy their evening… Everyone went down into Southwell and met all of their friends and families who stayed in and around Southwell and enjoyed a nice dinner, which was the perfect welcome home and celebration before the big day. As Faye and her bridesmaids arrived back at The Old Vicarage a little early, we had the chance to rehearse their walks down the aisle! A very special moment we were so glad to be a part of.

The table names were so relevant to both Faye and James, they were named after places they had both visited… Perth, Swan Valley, Fremantle, Cottesloe, Margaret River, Denmark. Although Faye and James are both English it is clear that a large part of their hearts lie in Australia, choosing to name the tables this way was such a lovely way to bring a piece of Aus to The Old Vicarage.

The morning of the wedding, we had organised two breakfasts. One for the Bridal party at 9am and another for the groom and groomsmen at 9.45am, trying to keep the element of surprise for both Faye and James. Its always a pleasure having the bridal party getting ready at The Old Vicarage, Julia Green had the pleasure of doing Faye’s makeup for her special day and she definitely didn’t disappoint. Faye doesn’t really wear a lot of makeup day to day and I know that it was important for Faye to have this simplicity on her wedding day. Julia created such a simplistic yet elegant and glowing look for Faye with a touch of colour on her lips!

Faye and James had set their heart on a wedding in our bandstand right from the beginning, we had had a few rainy days in the run up to their wedding which was so nerve-racking, especially the morning of their wedding. Around 10am the clouds started to separate and the sun shone down, we all had a sigh of relief!

Zinc supplied all of Faye and James’ button holes and bouquets, they were absolutely stunning! We have worked with Zinc for many years and their flowers are always created with so much love and to such a high standard.

Faye and James chose Kilner’s Cakes to make their wedding cake. We hadn’t heard of this company before which is always exciting. The Cake was perfection, especially with a few of the fresh English garden flowers added to it. When cutting the cake later on in the evening, we have to be honest and say that we did try a little bit and wow… It was delicious! When writing this blog, I have had a look online and their shop looks absolutely to die for.

We are always so welcoming of a Nanny and Grandad at The Old Vicarage, we love to treat them with tea’s, coffees and lots of biscuits so once the cake was cut we made sure they all had a slice with a fresh brew, again can we reiterate how incredible this cake was.

We had the pleasure of Michael Mulholland taking control of the the evening do, ensuring that everyone of all ages was up dancing. There was such a great atmosphere in the room, the lights were shining from our chandeliers.


Peeled tiger prawns with iberico chorizo sausage and lime

Baby mozzarella, pesto and air-dried tomato bruschetta

Sticky pressed pork with bourbon smoked BBQ glaze and apple slaw

Bite size bolognaise and mozzarella arancini balls.


Roasted beetroot and red onion goats cheese ‘cheesecake’ served with Swiss red chard and sun dried tomato


Roasted chicken with Parma ham, butternut squash puree, sage butter fondant and cider jus

Courgette, pepper and aubergine tagine with apricot and almond couscous, crispy feta parcels and mint yoghurt dressing


Warm sticky toffee pudding with rich butterscotch sauce and your choice vanilla ice cream or Devonshire clotted cream.

Faye’s Advice For New Brides

Make sure you take a few moments during the day with your new husband to take it all in, spend some time together at your wedding!  A few times James and I stood together and really enjoyed just watching our family and friends who were there to celebrate our wedding day.  It was nice to make those memories together.  Also, if you can, have the venue the night before the wedding.  We found it was so nice to relax and enjoy the venue with our family before the guests arrived.

Favourite Part Of The Day

The ceremony in the bandstand, it is such a beautiful setting!  Standing on the steps of the bandstand, surrounded by the people who love us most, whilst Magnus read the reading we had chosen.  I looked at James everything just felt perfect.  Whilst planning the wedding we were really keen to use the bandstand and we were so worried it wasn’t going to come off.  We were so lucky to have the ceremony in the bandstand and make the most of the space outside at The Old Vicarage.

Planning From Australia

Planning a wedding from the other side of the world might seem difficult, however we purposely picked The Old Vicarage as our venue as we were planning from Australia. Not only was it the perfect setting, we were impressed and reassured in equal measures by the staff. Nothing was too difficult for them, they were always just a FaceTime call away and always made themselves available if we had any queries.

Literally all of our supplier like the registrar’s and photographer all commented themselves on how professional The Old Vicarage was and this really made a difference on the day – everyone knew what they were doing and when. The venue is beautiful and we had every faith that even if everything else went wrong we would still have a gorgeous setting, amazing food and an excellent party with our family and friends. Becky, Verity and Chelsea were brilliant and made sure everything was in place during our FaceTime meetings, we had every confidence the day would go smoothly – and it did! We had a busy couple of days before the wedding, but on the day itself we were able to relax and enjoy our wedding day together!

All of our guests commented that they loved the venue and the food, and so many of them said that it was the best they had been to. We couldn’t have been happier with The Old Vicarage and would do it all over again!


Faye and James had a wonderful honeymoon booked to Mauritius that was organised by Faye’s mum, Sharon, who is a travel agent for The Personal Travel Agents. They personalise your perfect honeymoon to all of your requirements! We have heard lots of glowing reviews about this company. Planning a wedding can be a little stressful at times and it is nice for a company to take care of your honeymoon plans… If any of our couples are yet to book their honeymoon then I would recommend speaking to Sharon on 01777 818185!