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Wedding Blog

Same Sex Civil Ceremonies at The Old Vicarage

We receive so many emails from newly engaged couples asking if we hold same sex marriages at The Old Vicarage, it blows our mind every time we get asked. Who and what wedding venue wouldn’t allow this? We were so lucky to hold the first legal same sex ceremony in Nottinghamshire! We have searched the internet to try and find the newspaper article to show you, but no luck! It was such a momentous occasion and there was so much love in our intimate wedding venue! It was a pleasure and an honour to hold such an occasion.

Although taken aback that anyone has to even ask us this questions it has made us look a little closer to home and perhaps how we have been advertising our venue through our brochure and online! It was so clear that we were portraying our ‘typical’ custom as the classic ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’, this is something that we have decided to change! It is such second nature to automatically presume that everyone reading our brochure wants to know about the bride and groom!

If you have ever married at The Old Vicarage, you know we can be as traditional or untraditional as you would like. We break the boundaries and have changed so many elements of the ‘typical’ wedding day. The wonderful thing about same-sex weddings is you can be as creative as you would like, there is no tradition or norm that you have to stick to! You can set your own rules, your own traditions and themes to make your special day yours!

You will see over the next few months, we will be making clear changes to be inclusive of every couple wanting to marry at the Vicarage. We aren’t trying to be over the top about it but I think its about time, or even over due!

Whilst on the hunt for our newspaper article we did find a lovely blog from Martin Makowski, back in 2014. I mean these are almost Vintage! The state of our decoration haha, oh my goodness! The wedding of Matthew and Stephen, this feels like so long ago.

So, yes. Of course we hold same sex ceremonies at The Old Vicarage, we are inclusive to everyone.