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The New Orangery | The Old Vicarage Wedding Blog

Words can’t begin to explain how excited we are for our new development in January! Our final wedding before work begins is Saturday 5th January and then we are closing down until 1st April, we can’t wait for our first wedding back with our beautiful new orangery on the 3rd April!

We could spend hours talking about the new orangery, but we wanted to know what questions you would like us to answer so we decided to do a Q&A on our social media!

Q. How big will it be?

A. The build will be the same width as the current extension, it will however be squaring off the current design giving a lot more room. We will also be taking the dividing wall between the main room and the conservatory back to allow a lot more room and a much better visual for table 4. It measures approximately 6840mm wide by 5850mm deep and the eaves height is approximately 2400mm.

Q. Will you be completely shut for three months?

A. No, we have closed for weddings for three months whilst we complete the work but we have a lot of wedding meetings and wedding show rounds scheduled!


Q. How many more guests do you think you will fit in it once it is finished?

A. At the moment we are not planning to increase numbers, once the development has been completed, we may consider this however this is something subject to planning permission.


Q. Will this allow more space meaning we can have a long top table?

A. This may potentially mean that you can have a long top table, as soon as the development is complete, we will be experimenting with table layouts!

Q. Can we come back and get married again?

A. Absolutely! Vow renewals, christenings… You know where we are.


Q. What is it going to look like? Will it affect the size of the room?

A. It is going to look absolutely beautiful! We have been wanting to develop the conservatory from day one when we bought The Old Vicarage in an auction… Never in a million years did we think we would be developing it with such an incredible company.

The main frame is made from timber and the entire orangery will be glazed, including the skylight! Even more bright and beautiful!


Q. Will it mean that you can hold more people or will it mean that there’s just more space?

A. Just more space! The Old Vicarage’s forte is that we are the perfect intimate wedding venue, we are different to all the rest. We would be fools to try and become this huge wedding venue. We can offer almost fine dining service to 60 guests because we are an intimate venue with a full-time chef and a family like system. We like to keep our weddings below 100 to ensure that we have the downtime for decor (0f course) and maintenance!


Q. How long will it take and when will it be built?

A. The contractors have estimated 8 – 10 weeks maximum for development however we have scheduled three months closed to be sure! The Old Vicarage will be open again on 1st April 2020.


Q. Can we invite more guests to our evening reception?

A.Unfortunately not, no.  At the moment our numbers will remain the same. Once development has finished, we will assess the situation. We never want to promise anything unless we know it can be delivered at the best standard!


Q. How will you keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer?

A. There will be electric underfloor heating throughout the orangery and the lantern roof will have electric skylight openers. There is also air-con for the warmer days! We also have designed two double doors which will exit, one onto the decking and the other to exit towards the top of the garden and the bandstand.


Q. Are the ceremonies going to be in the Orangery?

A. This is a possibility, to be honest… Until we can envision the space properly, we aren’t going to make any decisions! At the moment, the chandeliers line the aisle so beautifully with the big window in front to frame the ceremony we can’t imagine how it could change! I think we are also underestimating how opening the current wall at the moment is going to open the whole space!

We have an amazing opportunity for you to be one of our first Summer 2020 couples to enjoy the new orangery at a hugely discounted price. There are both weekday and weekend availability in July available. Please contact us to find out more.