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Wedding Insurance – Do you need it?

We recently asked our Instagram followers if they purchased wedding insurance for their wedding, we were taken aback by how many people said no… 58% of people!

We thought this was the perfect opportunity to do a little blog about why we strongly recommend you should get wedding insurance…

What will your insurance cover you for?

Loss or Damage – You’ve a lot invested in your wedding, so your insurance should cover it for you – from the wedding dress to the flowers, cake, gifts and more.

Failure of suppliers – from wedding flowers and wedding cake to the wedding transport and ceremonial attire. If any of your suppliers go bust or doesn’t turn up, you could be reimbursed for any deposits you’ve lost and any additional costs in arranging another equivalent supplier.

Failure of wedding photographers including photos unable to be produced due to equipment failure. If your photographer doesn’t turn up, or another type of loss or damage affects your precious memories, we’ll restage your wedding photos.

Accidental damage to wedding outfits before the wedding, making the outfit unwearable.

Cancellation or rearrangement – It could help you with irrecoverable costs if you cancel or rearrange your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances and it becomes inappropriate to continue with the ceremony – provided this isn’t due to a pre-existing medical condition or breakups.

Covering cancellation for when one of the immediate wedding party or a close relative falls ill, making it inappropriate to continue the ceremony, provided this isn’t due to a pre-existing medical condition.

If a storm prevents you and more than 50% of your guests from getting to your wedding, we could cover you.

Wedding rings – Cover for theft, loss or damage of your rings from when you purchase your policy until a day after your wedding.

There are hundreds of companies that can offer you wedding insurance, the only reason we really recommend John Lewis is that it is a reputable brand! There is a comparison website on Money Super Market to compare different types of insurance you may need.

Below is a table we found on the John Lewis Wedding insurance website which we think makes it easy to understand what insurance you may need.

So, how do you protect your purchases?

Always get contracts in writing.

Get receipts for everything.

Make a note of when full payment is due for each purchase, so you don’t lose deposits or suppliers.

Confirm everything with suppliers a month before your wedding.

Get supplier recommendations before booking anything.

Keep track of what you’re spending and adjust your wedding insurance accordingly.

So as we said, we strongly recommend wedding insurance. For as little as £60.00 you are protecting yourself against the uncertainty. No one intends to cancel their wedding or choose a supplier that may not be able to deliver. Please go and insure your wedding now if you haven’t already!