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Why The Old Vicarage? Real Bride Questionnaire

Why The Old Vicarage? – Instagram Questionnaire

Engaging with you on our social media is incredible! It allows us to find out exactly what you’re wanting to see more of! We asked our Instagram followers a few questions and the wonderful responses were just too good not to share with you!I mean we have a little more than 108 brides but it’s amazing to see so many of you engaging with us on our social media… HEY GALS!Now this is incredible! 23 out of 28 people answered that they are thinking about it! We would love for you to choose TOV as your wedding venue and we’re interested into what you are waiting for…. Is it that you’re not engaged yet? Is The Old Vicarage too small or too big? Are we too expensive or too cheap?

Whats your favourite part of planning a wedding?

Its lovely to see so many of our brides following us on Instagram, we obviously see a huge part of the planning process, but we love to see what each of you are finding or have found to love whilst planning your special day. Here are a few of the answers…

We can’t lie, we absolutely love meeting new couples and ensuring that TOV is looking its absolute best. When all the chandeliers are dimmed, the fires are on and the candles are lit… There’s no better feeling than showing someone new around. The response that we always get is that the photos on our website don’t do the place justice… We are working on that, but we feel although there’s a special kind of feeling to TOV and you can’t express that through an image! We will try though haha, our website update is pending!

Yes, I mean is this not the pinnacle of a girls wedding dream? We are so lucky in Nottinghamshire to have so many wonderful dress shops, Frances Day Bridal, The Knot Bridal… The list goes on! We want to hear from you, where did you get your dress from and would recommend to other Tov brides? It can be a bit daunting when choosing your dress, some brides can find their dress in the first shop and some brides it takes weeks if not months of endless searching for ‘the one’.

One of the biggest advantages to being a really intimate wedding venue is that we can spend a lot more time and attention on the detail and taste of our food. We have and have always had a full time Executive Head Chef who takes care of every little detail to ensure that your menu is just perfect. We cater for all dietary requirements no matter how big or small the food intolerance/allergy is!

We don’t do food tasting, but we do offer a few events throughout the year that we encourage our couples to attend to really have a taste of what we have to offer! If you have also attending any of our open days, you know that we have (what feels like) thousands of canapés, sweet and savoury for you to try! We do hate to refer to our wedding breakfast food as ‘fine dining’ but it is just that little bit more special than just your typical wedding food.  Our menus can be as relaxed, or as formal as you would like it to be.

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, no matter how much your budget there are always a way of making your wedding personal to you and your fiancé. You want your wedding to be memorable and meaningful whilst still looking absolutely fabulous!

What are you or what did you look forward to the most on your wedding day?

I think this differs from person to person but there were a clear few answers…

You have to keep this huge secret for so long from your husband about your dress, your shoes, whether you’re going to have a veil and so on that at that very minute when you finally lock eyes every stressful moment prior to this just melts away and it all makes sense. There is such an incredible amount of joy and relief!

There is something incredibly special when couples and their closets friends and family stay the night before! I mean, what more could you want? A great night sleep in our boutique bedrooms, the most divine breakfast in the morning (if you can stomach it) and your glam squad coming to you to?! It’s obvious to say that overall you will be more relaxed having your hair and makeup done on-site. That means your glam squad comes to you.  This allows the bride, bridesmaids, moms, and whomever else joins in the fun the ability to relax all in one place. However, saying that, we have so many brides arrive with their hair and makeup done looking beautiful and then they have an hour to simply relax, have a glass of Prosecco and enjoy each other’s company whilst you get your dress.

Whether you write your own vows yourself or choose traditional marriage vows, this emotional exchange is the heart and soul of your ceremony! This is what all of your friends and family are here for, to watch you both make promises together and for them to support you as husband and wife. Whether you are getting married in a church or at The Old Vicarage, this moment is beautiful, it should be cherished!

What was or is your favourite thing about The Old Vicarage?